VOTE: What is the best coffee shop in metro Atlanta?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is committed to continuing our normal features, where appropriate, during the coronavirus outbreak. For full coverage of the outbreak in Atlanta, please check our Coronavirus News Section. We have decided to continue Best of Atlanta voting for the time being, despite social distancing. We encourage our readers to support local businesses after the authorities loosen the social distancing rules — along with supporting those businesses that offer delivery or pickup during the outbreak.

In a 2019 Reuters poll, 63% of Americans age 18 or older said they drank coffee the previous day. A good chunk of those live in Atlanta, according to WalletHub, which listed the city as the 15th best coffee city in America.

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We know not everyone gets their caffeine fix from a chain, and you’re the people we’re talking to this week.

Don’t see your favorite on our list? Submit a write-in nominee by emailing your pick to by 6 p.m. Thursday, September 10. We’re extending the nomination process because of the holiday. If enough people suggest your favorite, we’ll add it to our poll.

The winner will be announced September 14.

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