Certified Organic Fairly Traded Coffee



Venice Organic Coffee Blend

In 1990 we opened our doors in Venice Beach with a small-batch roaster and a mission: to source and share the very best organic coffee we could find. Our Venice Blend is an ode to the city we first called home. Neither too light or too dark, this coffee has…


Single Origin – Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Heirloom Blend

Ethiopia Heirloom Single Origin Coffee Blend

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and the Heirloom Blend highlights the best flavors from that region. We have combined both washed and natural processes to bring together a dynamic blending of both flavor profiles: clean, sweet, and articulate with deep fruit notes and a silky texture.


Blends – Bestseller

Black Gold

Black Gold Organic Coffee Blend

Black Gold is one of our boldest and most popular blends. This dark roast coffee is intensely smooth with classic notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut and a unique, bright finish.


Single Origin – Colombia

Colombia: AMUCC Fair Trade

Fair Trade Single Origin Coffee from Colombia AMUCC

Simply put, we fell in love with AMUCC — both their coffee and the people behind it, and this single origin from them is one of our all-time favorites. Both tart and rich, this coffee is light enough to drink all day and unique enough to keep you coming back…




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