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Frying Pan Tower – Non Profit

Support Frying Pan Tower with this signature coffee blend. Frying Pan Tower Coffee Blend available exclusively by Black Powder Coffee with a portion of the proceeds donated back to the mission. Frying Pan Tower is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring, protecting and preserving the former United States Coastguard (USCG) Light Station off the coast of North Carolina for future generations.


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Small batch coffee bean roaster of prime shade grown at high elevations from many origins.  Best Beans, Craft Roasted Daily. 



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High elevation grown coffee, hand picked, hand sorted, and craft roasted in small batches.

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Frying Pan Tower Signature Blend

Frying Pan Tower Blend | Dark Roast


Frying Pan Tower Blend Craft Roasted Coffee Single Serve K Cup Pods

Frying Pan Tower Blend Craft Roasted Coffee Single Serve K Cup Pods

Frying Pan Tower | Dark Roast | Single Serve Cups, Box of 12


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96 K Cups | Single Serve Cups | 8 Boxes of 12

Now offering bulk option for single serve coffee.  Our Kcups are custom filled to the flavor of your choice.  Offering… Learn more

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Italian Blend | Dark Roast Coffee


Ethiopian Gadeb Yirgacheffe Natural | Naturally Grown | Reserve | Light Roast (Roaster’s Pick)


Prospector’s Gold Blend Coffee


Bourbon Infused Coffee | Small Batch | Medium Roast


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I have wrote this review one hundred times over..doing my best to condense everything I would like to boast about. Couldn’t come up with less than a full novel Ha! So “fill in the blanks” when I say this coffee is THEEEEEEE BEST! I think the fact that North Carolina has been blessed with a little gem like Black Powder Coffee is truly an honor. Cheers to them for keeping us “tastefully caffienated”!!



I love the prospectors gold it is dark, rich in flavor and the first rich dark roast not to flare up my acid reflux. I Love It!

Mr. Horne


Best coffee!! Plus great customer service!! I went in to try there coffee and came out with 3 bags of coffee. Snickerdoodle is awesome so smooth no need for creamer.

Mrs. Bass


Great Coffee. Period.


“….Later in life it seemed every coffee I drank would leave me with terrible heart burn. Until I discovered Black Powder…. I cannot adequately explain how much I enjoy it EVERY morning! I have no heart burn and I can’t start my day with out it. I also can’t stand to drink any other coffee, I even take Black Powder on my travels!…”

terry w

Great family-owned business, delicious gourmet coffee! A+



“Black Powder Coffee is the only bean we buy!”

Mary Jo


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